Friday, June 4, 2010

Burn More Calories This Summer With The New FitFlop Sandals for Women

The birds are starting to chirp, flowers are blooming, and the grass is turning green...must be spring. That means summer is right around the bend. Time to plan those summer trips to the shore or the lake house. One problem, somehow all your summer clothes shrunk while in storage...wink, wink. Time to come up with a weight loss battle plan. If you are looking for an easy way to lose a few pounds, try the newest fitness sandal craze called FitFlops.

Mentioned on Oprah, seen in several fitness and style magazines, these are the talk of the town because they look like no other sandal one will find in a shoe boutique. They are manufactured to give you a fitness routine while you walk, challenging the muscles of the legs, buttock, and back. The innovative bottom side of the sandal creates a rolling motion that creates a fitness routine out of something we all do...walking.

Stability of the foot is emphasized in the strategic way the sole is created. This stability is maintained by the specially designed micro-wobbleboard technology utilized in the creation of the design. Dr. David Cook and Darren James, two engineers in the UK, developed this technology using a multi-density sole and a unique mid-step. When the design is put into practice, muscles are forced to work differently as a result. There is little strain to the muscles, yet they must work harder as a result of the sole design.

The summary of this is that, just by walking, you get a fitness routine with them. It's an easy solution to shed some pounds, tone muscles, and feel better, all going about your normal day. With a wide range of solutions that include sandals, shoes, and boots, you will always find a solution for any time of year. With such versatility, you can also have multiple pairs to go with any outfits.

One would think that the benefit of losing a few extra pounds would be a good enough incentive to buy a pair of FitFlops. Bu they also are great for people with back and knee pain. The footwear is designed to absorb shock more than a normal shoe. This is great news because walking places a lot of pressure on the feet and joints, which is alleviated by this footwear.

The benefit of walking in this footwear is trim and toned legs, more caloric burn and more shock absorption. This is a workout that proves to provide less strain on feet and joints. A toner, healthier body and a stylish shoe. What more could you ask for from a sandal?

This summer, why not give the FitFlops a test run? With all the compelling reasons to buy a pair, it would be well worth the investment. I bought my pair over the internet, but you can find them in several shoe stores and specialty boutiques. Happy walking!